Desktop Blogging Client For Linux

Posted by spewit on 29/07/2009

I have been searching for a good blogging client for my wordpress blog for quite some time. I found the best thing available right now for Windows in Live Writer but had nothing comparable in my linux system.
So I tried out almost every application out there to finally feeling satisfied with QTM.
Before it some of the clients that i tested for my convenience were:

  1. BloGTK – Didn’t run on my crunchbang system. Works well in Ubuntu though.
  2. Drivel – Best for LiveJournal users. Somewhat bland in functionality for wordpress blogs.
  3. Thingamablog – Couldn’t even configure this thing
  4. JBlogEditor – Eclipse based. Never worked properly.
  5. Bleezer – The text editor was buggy
  6. Flock – I downloaded the browser for it’s editor. I wasn’t too happy.
  7. ScribeFire – My earlier blog editor. I somehow don’t feel comfortable in browser plugin editors.

So I finally got hold of QTM. It has a very good interface and is very easy to setup. It contains the ability to select categories, add both wordpress and technorati tags and a preview and a simple publishing button. All in all for any of your wordpress blogging needs it does the job well. Although it does show html tags within the text editor and gets confusing when there are links in the text or images. And the lack of a spell-checker does has it’s drawbacks.

Nonetheless to get started simply add an account, select the type, modify the server address to point to your blog and then start typing. Once you’re done you can select categories, add tags and then under the basics view select “Publish” status and press the “Blog This!” button. You’re done.

For ubuntu or crunchbang you can download the latest deb package from https://launchpad.net/~indigojo/+archive/ppa

Another amazing blogging utility i found is the CLI tool called Charm. It’s fast and you can attach any text editor of your choice to write your blog entry and then simply by using the keyboard select numerous character based choices be able to add/modify/delete your blog posts. A very comprehensive tutorial can be found here: Charm Tutorial

The above two blogging applications simply meet any of my desktop blogging needs and are perfect for making quick posts.

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